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Crosby Nursery has supported both my sons to become confident and curious children. The staff are fabulous and know the children they care for well. They nurture their individual interests, skills and strengths, whilst patiently supporting them with any areas they need a little extra help with.  The staff cope with everything that's thrown at them with a calmness and expertise that I admire, and I feel confident that they are giving my children the best possible educational opportunities and care.

Louisa Day – Evan's Mummy

I like playing with the toys and eating the yummy food
Evan, age 4

Our two daughters Hannah and Ellen have both attended Crosby Nursery from six months until starting school. Most importantly, they have both absolutely loved it and have always arrived in the morning enthusiastically.
Indoors, it’s colourful and lively throughout, with everything you could want to stimulate them.  Outdoors, there is so much space for them to play and explore, and the garden play area and woodland with its pirate ship are terrific – a particular favourite for Ellen!  Overall, both in and out, a great environment for them to learn through play.  There have been so many varied learning experiences, including interesting visitors too. The Christmas plays are always a highlight!

As ever though, it’s the Crosby team who make all the difference.  Extremely capable, cheerful and enthusiastic without exception, we have always felt that Hannah and Ellen have been truly cared for and loved. Crosby is also a really good size – not too small, but not too large to lose the personal touch. In conclusion, at the end of 6 ½ years, we would enthusiastically recommend Crosby Nursery to all, and wish Sarah and her team every success in the future

John and Rachel Kidd  

I work full time so finding the right childcare for James and Isabel was so important to me.  Crosby Nursery came highly recommended by a number of colleagues and as soon as I visited I understood why.  The location and facilities are fantastic.  I love the huge garden, woodland area and beautiful surroundings.  However, the nursery’s greatest asset is its staff.  Sarah and her fantastic team show real care and commitment to the children.  They have played a significant role in my children’s development.

Crosby is such a happy environment and one which James and Isabel have thrived in.  Even though James has now started school he is always keen to know when he can go to nursery’s holiday club

Catherine Briggs - Mum to James (age 5) and Isabel (age 2)

I don't exaggerate when I say that for Emma and myself having our gorgeous boys was the most important decision of our lives, with this in mind you can understand how important it was for us to send Benjamin and Luke to the best, most suitable nursery. We looked at a few in the area. When I say suitable I mean an environment where Benjamin and Luke would be safe, would be looked after and loved as if they were at home with us. In reality sending your children to nursery is a big deal. I may be a joker but some things even I must take seriously.

For the last 5 years Emma and I have spent many thousands of pounds ensuring our children have attended what we genuinely believe is head and shoulders the best nursery in the Carlisle area. Speaking with Benjamin and Luke, looking at photos of Halloween events, Christmas plays, graduations it doesn't take you long to realise it was money well spent. There is a saying you will have heard of: "you get what you pay for" We did!

Your nursery is a delightful environment for children, the facilities are excellent and constantly improving, being updated in line with the daily pressure of ofsted scrutiny. All this though is purely cosmetic for Emma and myself the true excellence achieved by your nursery is as a result of your staff . We have always found all the girls to be kind, cheerful, chirpy and a pleasure to deal with. The personal bond they all have with our boys was always a delight to witness. It seems only yesterday we dropped Benjamin off in the baby room, you can't under estimate the responsibility you undertake on behalf of the parents who leave their children in your care.

Everyday it was a pleasure to interact with the girls when dropping the boys off with, a smile, a joke, a little light, polite conversation. Having the boys welcomed with genuine kindness and a sense of "we're going to have fun today" sent me off to work relieved of any anxiety or worry that my most precious belongings were going to be in the safest hands. You do an amazing job, I admire you for the way you fulfill your roles everyday and for accepting the responsibility I have described.

Emma, Benjamin, Luke and myself are very grateful for all the learning, the fun, the nappy changes, the sympathy, the nose wipes the plasters administered and the priceless memories, photos and of course...........the cake and biscuits

Keep it up you do an incredible job!!

The Plummer family

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you, Sophie, and all your staff. I was just going to mention it next week but with it being a bank holiday I will forget by our next session! I picked my little Freddie up from his Monday afternoon session, while driving home he had such a big smile on his face & said to me..."Good time nursery mummy, I happy." It was completely unprompted by me and i felt so pleased think I had a little tear in my eye!

I'm sure like all parents I found it nerve wracking sending him to nursery to be in the care of someone other than family members, so for him to always come home so genuinely happy after having a great time is just wonderful. So I just wanted to say thank you for being such a fantastic setting with welcoming & caring staff such as Sophie. I admire the energy, patience & kindness of you all. I find looking after one fussy, stubborn toddler exhausting, so how you do it with a group of them is seriously impressive!

Hope you all have a restful and enjoyable bank holiday weekend!

Jane Tucker

Our daughter had an amazing three years at Crosby Nursery, and I can honestly say she enjoyed every single day. It can be very daunting sending them somewhere new to be looked after at such a young age, and we've had nothing but love and support towards her from all the staff who've cared for her. The setting is fantastic, friendships are encouraged and our daughter came on leaps and bounds in her time at Crosby. We look forward to our son starting the nursery shortly and are confident that he'll also have a wonderful experience. 

Charlotte Thompson