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Healthy Living

At Newtown Road Day Nursery it is our aim to give all our children the best possible start in life. We help children develop their understanding of a healthy lifestyle through play, activities and conversation. The nursery provides a non-processed balanced diet and introduces children to a range of foods from different cultures and countries. Staff actively talk to children about what they are eating and the importance of vitamins and nutrients in food. 

We are also working towards our smile4life award which is an oral health improvement programme to help children improve their oral health. Smile4Life covers 4 key themes:

  1. Encouraging healthy eating and drinking
  2. Encouraging regular tooth brushing
  3. Encouraging the promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  4. Visiting the dentist regularly

All our children and babies enjoy time outside regardless of the weather. Children develop their physical skills as well as learning how to play team games and manage their own risks.

Staff are observing children continuously to make sure their well-being is high and their time in nursery is positive. The staff team all work together to make sure children thrive and develop at their own pace.